7500 Review: An interesting minimalist setup, but it feels like it’s not enough!

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7500 Review: An interesting minimalist setup, but it feels like it’s not enough!
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A pilot's aircraft is hi-jacked on a flight from Berlin to Paris by terrorists. The pilot fights to maintain control of his airliner as terrorists storm the cockpit.

Format: Original Film
Platform: Prime Video
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Action, Thriller
Language: English
Digital Premiere Date: 18 June 2020

It’s been a long time since we saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the big screen. And while things could take even longer for theatres to set up, we luckily get to experience the strength of his potential in Amazon Prime’s new minimalistic thriller 7500, which is almost entirely shot inside the cockpit of an aeroplane.

What’s the story about?
7500 deals with the usual show-ups of a plane hijack film, with things moving just in the way we expected. As terrorists start creating havoc on a plane that he is controlling, pilot Tobias Ellis puts up with all the trouble that comes in, trying to steer his passengers to safety while trying to pacify the troublemakers.


Director Patrick Vollrath writes and directs his film with the idea of creating a claustrophobic feeling in the minds of the viewer, but it only works out in the first 40 minutes where the issues arise in a tense manner. After that, it becomes a little too easy to predict what’s coming next, as the underwhelming events do not manage to offer any kind of surprises to the viewer. Patrick’s narrative drives away from adding more stakes to the proceedings, trying to establish an emotional angle between the pilot and the hijacker – which in turn takes away the fizz from the plotline. In the end, 7500 feels like a fair watch that could have been a lot better, as it does not utilize the space that it has in hand.

In a contained thriller such as this, the performance of the lead character is the single most important thing in the film, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes sure that there’s no stone unturned whatsoever. JGL is a great fit for the role and brings out the expressions of a helpless man with great authenticity and a style of his own. Apart from him and the terrorist Omid Memar (who does a fair job), there is no space for other characters in the film to make an impression.

Music and Other Departments
7500 is a film that does away with any background score of sorts and is happy with just the basic ambient sounds of the situation. It’s a nice, cost-effective move that actually helps the initial portions of the film. The cinematography is well done as well, with the fly-on-the-wall approach being positive.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s superb performance and the film’s takeoff are the biggest plus points here.

The film could have added up to the tension in the final stretch, which it, unfortunately, doesn’t manage to do.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts, yes. The last 30 minutes could have been a lot more compelling.

Do I recommend it?
If you’re a fan of contained thrillers, you might like this. But otherwise, this is just a plain average film.


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