BC Baal review: Desperate attempts to copy foul-mouthed Deadpool goes wrong

BC Baal review: Desperate attempts to copy foul-mouthed Deadpool goes wrong
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The josh is definitely high in every character in BC Baal, but sadly not in the right manner. That’s why even when they play the tambura in BC Baal, you could hear the sound of an electronic instrument.

The writers must have been smoking some not-so-well-baked substances while imagining the script while watching Shah Rukh Khan starrer Josh because there are loads of shots from the webisode which have been directly taken from a few famous Bollywood sequences. But before we begin it is necessary to be well-versed with Bengali abuses, thereby pardon the explicitly written details of the profanity that has been penned down here without star marking them. It is only for the purpose of better understanding.

BC stands for behenchod in Hindi and bokachoda in Bengali. In a fun and interactive way, there had been a meme made by a Bengali where the latter took a special kind of pride for their BC being more gender-neutral and attacking someone’s intelligence rather than verbally abusing someone’s sister. Meanwhile, baal in Hindi may mean hair but in abusive Bengali, it refers to the pubic hair, and thereby anything worthless is usually called baal, another abusive terminology which is gender-neutral. BC Baal is a detective series. It took a lot of time for that message to sink in.

So, when detective BC Baal picks up the phone call, his response may sound funny but only to a newbie who hasn’t been more exposed to a group of friends where one at least one-person mutter one abusive term loudly enough to secretly gain the title of the serial-abuser. This line might just seem fun for a 140-year-old who has just learnt how to logically use the F-word and how overusing of it might just become dull. BC Baal has been hired by a husband who suspects his wife of having an extra-marital affair. He brings her thong as a clue and asks a bearded and muscular BC Baal to smell the thong only to get a hint of the smell that does not belong to him.

He suspects the wife after he gets the fragrance of Old Spice in the thong. After a certain point of time, it only makes you wonder how much money the brand Old Spice could have possibly invested in BC Baal since they repeatedly name this brand through different characters. At one point it Old Spice seemed to have cast some sort of black magic, either people just took the name too much or waited for an opportunity to take that name more. BC Baal relies on heavy metal music hoping that it would create suspense, but it ends up as a noisy interruption between shots and dialogues.

BC Baal tries to break the seriousness of the detective genre created by Feluda and Byomkesh and experiment with something new. After all, why should handsome men living in Kolkata get the rights to play detective? Why can’t a man who lives in the underprivilege colonies of Kolkata also win a chance to be a detective? Of course, even in literature, cinema with fictional characters we should abandon the age-old practice of nepotism, however, if this detective, with its unicity, cannot create enough impact, the audience will go back to Byomkesh and Feluda, the ones who made their debut in the works of Satyajit Ray, because even with the new experiments, none of the new detectives is able to live up to the standards.

BC Baal seems like a desperate attempt to be Deadpool, except they don’t break the fourth wall but that neither distracts us nor does it disappoint us. BC Baal leans on profanity and double meaning jokes hoping that it would make us laugh but it only makes us cringe instead. After a certain point, you are bound to wonder where Ryan Reynolds could have possibly gone wrong in the name of foul-mouthed superhero that he can’t even manage to inspire anyone else? Ultimately, BC Baal lives up to his name and ends up becoming a disaster even more abusive than the name he is made up of.   BC Baal is available on Addatimes

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

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