Bus Stop review - Act of stalking normalised again

Bus Stop review - Act of stalking normalised again
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Zee 5 original’s latest film, Bus Stop starring Souman Bose and Anuradha Mukherjee turns out wrong. During a bus journey, Neel falls in love with a girl who is seated beside her mother, opposite to Neel. He is enchanted by the beauty of the woman and tries hard to click a picture of the sleeping beauty but (thankfully) passengers, bus conductor unintentionally interrupt him, in his secret attempt to take a photo of the girl. He goes to the extent of making a short film on her just to see her again.

While the second act may not be called a crime, there have several things in the film which have been wrongly romanticised. Clicking photos of a woman without her permission isn’t the most innocent behaviour, even if it is done without any wrong intention of hurting her. The lack of sincerity has been so ingrained within the cast, that they probably unknowingly used it as their theme.

Bus Stop remains uninteresting because there's nothing original about their way of falling in love. Their screenplay is a list of everything that has been done and dusted. The addition of slow-motion makes things worse. Whoever invented the idea that love happens in slow motion must have been living in a parallel world. Even in the novels of Jane Austen characters approached each other fast enough to quickly form an opinion.

We loved Shah Rukh Khan in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge although he didn’t really keep up to the reputation of being the best man, we loved R Madhavan in Rehna Hain Tere Dil Main although the film was completely supporting the idea of stalking, we loved Ishq Vishq although it was brimming with nerd shaming, objectifying women and the central idea of the film had been you don’t have any chance in finding love if you aren’t pretty.

Even though the above-mentioned films were filled with sexist comments, we were able to sit through since there was a reflection of their sincerity towards the bigger project. Be it Shah Rukh Khan or R Madhavan or Shahid Kapoor, they were able to convince us that women are seeking for nothing else but their validation (it’s wrong, but it was convincing.)

Rating: 1/5

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