Dark Season 3 Review: Exciting, excellent series finale that carves a niche for itself in Sci-Fi history.

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Dark Season 3 Review: Exciting, excellent series finale that carves a niche for itself in Sci-Fi history.
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A family saga with a supernatural twist, set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families.

Format: Web Series 
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 18+ (Language, Sex, Nudity, Substance)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi
Language: English, German
Digital Premiere Date: 27 June 2020

What is the story about?
Season 3 picks up right from the point where season 2 ended, where Jonas finds himself in an alternate version of Winden. And later realizes Adam is not the only person who’s been tampering with time and space in order to achieve the endless circle of cause and effect. The series is co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

If there should be an acting master-class then the episodes from Dark season 3 will be a great inspiration for aspiring actors. If you thought the previous seasons delivered an ensemble of brilliant cast, you’ll definitely rethink about your opinion. The first two seasons were ruled by Louis Hoffman (Jonas) who shone through the first two seasons. But I should say, the final season truly belongs Lisa Vicari (Martha) she was beyond brilliant. She was totally on a different realm which can’t be compared. The rest of the cast was amazing, not that they weren’t good. But the characters in focus Jonas & Martha were brilliant. Especially the younger crowd that is the younger counterparts of the older actors were an amazing find by the makers. They seemed too sorted for their age as actors. And Dark is one of the series where the character structure is so complicated that you feel the weight of the hard work gone into building and establishing them at regular intervals throughout the 3 seasons. It’s one of the best character study or development one must’ve seen over the years in the sci-fi genre. They surely look complicated but once you get a grasp they become insanely interesting. Each and every actor literally outshine each other and are seem so effortless that acting looks like easy-peasy. But trust me; to even remotely replicate them will be a strenuous task. I can’t stop gushing about the performances because I was so elated watching the characters playing out their respective parts so diligently. I wish I could meet the cast, interview them and get an insight on their experience as actors in Dark. That’s a farfetched dream, but there’s no harm in dreaming. 

I really don’t know where to start. I thought first two seasons were mind-blowing, but after finishing the third season I have no words to state a term which could supersede “mind-boggling”, cheesy enough? Well, I don’t mind because it was an experience which I would want to re-live again and again to bask in more than what is offered. Human instincts are a funny thing; they know no bounds and work unprecedentedly. Deja Vu is something everyone must’ve experienced at least once in their life; I’ve had many instances, let’s not get there, because that’ll cause a major glitch in the matrix. On a serious note, how many of us have contemplated the possibility of a parallel universe or a world? I’m sure there’ll be a sizeable bunch who believes in it. 

The writing in Dark is something which is hard to comprehend at times. Your mind is constantly trying to balance the inter-dimensional madness presented during the first two seasons, and you've slipped a third which sweeps you off your feet. The amount of thought process went in writing this series reflects diligently on the screen. The third season is in the spotlight because it was announced to be the final cycle and there are a million questions shouting inside the heads of millions of fans which if go unanswered or not given a closure will dwindle the series finale. It’s one of the common cases with most of the series which dove into oblivion during their final season. 

But the writers of dark were in no rush, they took their sweet time in scripting 8 brilliant episodes which it leaves you gasping for breath as you binge. Looking at only 8 episodes my initial impression was what if this cripples like every other series in the past? How are they going to answer all those questions with a comprehending closure? But I tell you, Bo Odar and Friese left no room for complaints. Such nuanced writing for a complicated time-travel genre will be something hard to beat in the coming years. Bo Odar and Friese have created a bar so high, that they might not able to beat it themselves in future.

Dark has multiple timelines and it’s hard to keep a sane balance and at the same time not make it too complicated for the audience to digest. Agreed, I went back and forth while watching to get a clear understanding of what’s what? And who’s who? Perks of binging on a streaming platform. But it was all worth the time and I feel a cinematic experience of few episodes would’ve been epic. There are moments in Dark which leaves you with Goosebumps.

There’s a lot more to share but this is a series which everyone has to experience on their own and If I share more that’ll spoil the experience for the viewers who are eagerly waiting for the series finale on June 27th, 2020. So, get ready with binging snacks to experience the time-travel of your life.

Music and other Departments
Dark is a series which had all its departments working hand in hand with the vision of the creator. The art direction was spectacular. The continuity process across the timelines was impeccable. It was so seamless that you dwell into the geography. I was floored by the cinematography such brilliance has never been displayed at least at the web-series level. Nikolaus Summerer has a brilliant eye for details and creativity. In the first two seasons the editing was seamless and third just takes it a few notches up and keeps you hooked. The score of Dark is truly haunting. I can go on and on about the score. But I’ll cut to chase, the opening theme by Appart feat. Soap & Skin keeps humming into my ears and Ben Frost truly creates magic with his haunting background score. I’m very curious to know when will Netflix release the official making video of Dark or a documentary on the making itself. I will definitely catch it firsthand.

I can’t pick a highlight when it comes to the third season, as every second and minute matter in this timeline. The entire season is truly a highlight itself. Dark will be one of the most sorted series which didn’t panic in its final season and gave its fans a proper goodbye. It was a great decision by the makers to avoid dragging this series to multiple seasons just to gain popularity and then struggle to give a proper closure. People who have completed the previous season are definitely going to catch the final season. And the ones who haven’t started watching Dark, it’s the perfect time to start watching it and binge them all in a go and get your mind blown.

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Did I enjoy it?
Dark is an experience which is rarely offered by the filmmakers. A German series to pick a genre which is usually considered a gamble worked wonders and caught the attention of the audience across the world. 

Do I recommend it and why?
I strongly recommend it. It’s a rare experience one should not miss it for anything in the world. You will thank me later.  

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