Diary Of A Future President Review - Heartwarming, funny coming-of-age comedy

Diary Of A Future President Review - Heartwarming, funny coming-of-age comedy
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The series opens to the inauguration of Elena Cañero-Reed (Rodriguez) as president, complete with Aisha Tyler as her chief of staff. In a package, Elena receives her adolescent diary, sparking a flashback to when Elena (Tess Romero) was a 12-year-old living in Miami Glades with her lawyer mom (Selenis Leyva) and older brother Bobby (Charlie Bushnell). Just starting middle school, Elena is nerdy, bright and keen to make her way to the White House.  The 10 episode show from Disney+ has aired only four episodes so far, but all of them seem very charming. The pilot episode shows a lot about Miami and Cuban culture. I have learned an important lesson, to never judge a show by the first episode, and boy was I right. The first episode felt a bit of a drag, but it did pick up the pace from the second episode onwards. There are the typical middle school challenges like the sudden loss of best friends, the road to independence and homework due dates and for girls … the question of when menstruation is going to start… I absolutely love the show. I wish there was a show like this when I was in school.  The series makes a lot of things work—Sam’s cheesy puns are charming, the writers navigate loss and new relationships with ease, and it even focuses on the adult issues without shortchanging the gravity behind them. Plus, while “Diary of a Future President” is excellent and easy family entertainment, it doesn’t shy away from a presentation of a young woman going through body changes, which feels healthy in itself. It’s all tackled with wit and sincerity that simply comes from thoughtful writing, a trait that is apparent in each of the first four episodes.

Rating 4/5

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