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When you need money to go to a US college and the only way to earn money for it is by finding a sadhu who can bury himself in the ground for long hours, and is willing to do it for you, at a suspicious looking museum in Venice... is when you know that going to that US college is not worth it.. but a decade ago Farhan Akhtar and Director-Producer Anand Surapur found this plot so intriguing that they made a low budget movie out of it ... yeah ! so what do you know!! Adi, a freelancer who basically gets "things done" for his employers in exchange for some quick bucks (e.g: smuggling a monkey across the border) finds himself an assignment that needs him to find a fakir who can bury himself in the grounds of the Venice art museum for a few hours everyday for a week - demonstrating to the museum's visitors a thing or two about eastern culture and meditation. Sighting this as a great opportunity to fund his US college ambition, Adi decides to find a sadhu with the traits and heads to Varanasi in search of one, where he successfully ... wait for it ... gets high on weed and comes back empty handed. Desperate to meet the deadline by his employers, Adi comes across Sattar, a slum dwelling, alcoholic who paints buildings for a living but can hold his breath for many hours by burying himself under Juhu beach sand. Adi decides to take him to Italy and their journey of coning begins, but is short lived due to various circumstances at arise. Now this movie was premiered in 2009 at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, Since then, The Fakir Of Venice spent 10 years waiting for release due to financial constraints and production related issues, finally it did release earlier this year and is currently streaming on #ZEE5. Although the reasons given for the films delay are controversial.. the movie doesn't seem a decade old on screen, thanx to the documentary feel it has .. also the content about fake sadhus and conmen are still unfortunately relatable. Farhan Akhtar as a condescending Adi and Annu Kapoor as the fakir deliver their best to a lazily knitted script and below average cinematography. the story is weak and does not have the depth to do full justice to the film's potential. Supporting characters have forgettable roles and the music by A R Rahman doesn't do much in favour of the movie. If your a Farhan Akhtar fan, the movie is certainly a good watch specially as this was to be Farhan's first release, It however fails to have a sharp satirical crack at the superficiality of the art world, as I thought it would from the trailers. Rating : 2.5 / 5 Review Writer :  William Rebello

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