Horse Girl Review- Poignant Take On Mental Illness

Horse Girl Review- Poignant Take On Mental Illness
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Horse Girl which had previously premiered at the Sundance Film Festival made its way to the streaming giant Netflix.

Alison Brie’s character, Sarah, opens the film as a seemingly awkward, lonely girl who has trouble making friends—a common struggle for many. But the strange, surreal path Sarah takes us down is anything but relatable. She wakes up in the middle of the night in random places; she has prescient dreams where she sees people she’ll soon meet; she begins to believe that she’s regularly abducted by aliens. We soon begin to realize that Sarah may have some serious mental issues. But when Sarah meets a guy she likes and starts to have a frightening dream, her life upends itself entirely.

What starts out as a movie about two loners who find each other takes a turn into the darker and more meaningful territory. Sarah’s mother and grandmother experienced serious mental health struggles, and Sarah is worried that she’s going to slip into the same delusions.

For a large part of the film, the audiences wonder if they're seeing what is real or if it’s inside Sarah’s head. Talking about Brie's performance, she is enormously charismatic, and watching this film is a real workout on your emotions. It is (in a very strange way) entertaining to watch her flip out and ruin the first date by babbling about clones, but you sit there in the audience and just want to help

Horse Girl comes across as an empathetic, compassionate, and uncommonly thoughtful look into the fear that you’re a ticking time bomb, that the illness you saw your loved ones succumb to is going to take you, too, and that nobody will really understand you. It’s a little bit of a thriller, a little bit of a drama, a little bit of a comedy, a little bit of a romance — and wholly its own thing. 

If you like obscure and quirky indie films, you will definitely like Horse Girl. We suggest you stream it. 

Rating 4.5/5

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