House Of Flowers Season 2 Review - The return of the melodrama and hilarity

House Of Flowers Season 2 Review - The return of the melodrama and hilarity
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The De La Mora family is back with their dysfunctionality. In the last season, we saw the family dealing with the patriarch's mistress's death and his illegitimate child, interracial relationships, matriarch's revelation, homosexual relationship and a cis-trans relationship! Phewwww! Seems like the show covers most of the relationship issues that Millenials are facing currently. Not to forget the show also deals with the sensitive topic of cabaret and prostitution. The De La Moras have lost their titular flower shop and they will stop at nothing to win it back. This season to the De La Moras faces death, secret liaisons, secret children and an addition of a cult leader to their eccentric family. The De La Moras are also reeling from the aftermath of Virginia's departure and her death. The season 2 stays true to its genre of being a dark comedy and we see several instances of where the writers of the show have included serious topics with a dash of comedy. The De La Moras are funny, vindictive, quirky, and even shallow at times, but they sure make up for an interesting watch. Cecilia Suarez (Paulina), Aislinn Derbez (Elena), and Dario Yazbek Bernal (Julián) are struggling to win back the Flower Shop from Chiquis, but it doesn't seem like Chiquis would give it to them without a fight. What we liked was that this season threw more light on the relationships of the lead characters. It is rare that you get to see a cis-trans relationship portrayed with such nuance on the big screen. This has been missing in several shows and Netflix being the forerunner they are in portraying human relationships, makes their mark felt. We also get to see a lot of Michaela and her bonding with the rest of the De La Mora children, who have accepted her wholeheartedly as a part of their family. Virginia's absence is conspicuous and Elena is still grappling with it. Throughout the second season, it is felt that Virginia's death affected Elena the most as the two were very close. The new characters which have been introduced in season 2 add on to the craziness of the family. As someone who predominantly watches English language shows, it doesn't seem even for a moment that the show isn't in English. True Netflix has subtitles, but the content itself is so intriguing that you asking for more. For fans of the show outside Mexico and Spanish speaking provinces, the show has been renewed for season 3. So watch out for yet another fun-filled and exhilarating journey with the De La Moras.

Rating - 3/5

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