Platform : Aha Video

Languange : Telugu

Synopsis : Dr Anand is a doctor who is specialised in neurosurgery. One rainy night a couple of robbers enter his home. At the same time a student of Anand, Avinash, who suspects Anand does something illegal, enters the house. Later a couple who have some trust issues enter the house to have a talk with Anand, and a policeman enters with them. The policeman suspects Anand and confronts him, only then these people learn that Dr.Anand is a psychopath. Now, all the people who entered the house have to escape the house for life.

Type : Originals

Cast : Satyadev Samyukta Sri Lakshmi Aberaam Varma Keshav Deepak Bindu Chandramouli Vasu Inturi John Kottoly Rishikanth

Directors : Pradeep Deva Kumar

Cinematographer : Nijai Gowthaman:

Production House : Tribal Horse Entertainment

Total number of seasons : 1

Season No.: 1

Total number of episodes : 8

No. of episodes this season : 8

Episode Duration (minutes) : 35

Digital Premiere Date : March 25, 2020

Movie Classification : 18+


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