Medical Police Review - Absurd, outlandish yet entertaining Inbox x

Medical Police Review - Absurd, outlandish yet entertaining Inbox x
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For people who followed and liked the comedy show Children's Hospital, are sure to like and get onboard with Medical Police. Medical Police serves as a spinoff to the zany and outlandish comedy, Children's Hospital. Children's Hospital expertly used medical dramas as a primer for an absurd universe of outlandish proportions.  Children's Hospital was full of ridiculous plots and subplots, the relentless jokes, or the casting of talented comedians that were assembled for this series. Children's Hospital ended its seven-year run while it was still on top, which makes its unexpected return via this spin-off, Medical Police, such a satisfying surprise. Even if you haven't followed Children's Hospital, you can still watch and enjoy Medical Police.

The series follows Lola (Erinn Hayes) and Owen (Rob Huebel). While working at the hospital one day, it becomes obvious that a lethal virus is breaking out in Brazil, and the most obvious symptom is a mean-looking rash in several patients who get admitted to the hospital. Lola volunteers to discover a solution for this virus, pulling along Owen, yet, it becomes clear rather quick this is a plan by a bioterrorist.

Medical Police continues the twisted take on popular TV medical tropes that Children's Hospital started, while somehow expanding its world and raising the comedic stakes. The writers know all the conventions of the medical procedural genre and now the international thriller genre and they have tweaked it with a lot of parody moments, whether it's a deranged shooting practice montage or pausing the pursuit of a Muslim suspect to have characters ponder if they're profiling. Mixing knowingly dumb wordplay, physical goof-ups, and perfectly edited reaction shots that linger a few seconds longer than they “should,” “Medical Police” is a steady stream of jokes at the show’s own expense. Nothing is safe from being a gag on this show.

We suggest you definitely stream it to add some humour and comedy in your life. 

Rating 3/5

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