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A young teenager tries to live her life on her own terms completely drowning herself into her phone, friends and what she thinks is right for her until one day, an accident turns her world upside down and drags her into depression. Moh, a ZEE5 original short film, is an emotional journey of protagonist Shruti from carelessness to regret and guilt. The movie touches moments, every single person may have surely experienced. It makes you empathize with Shruti, but at the same time makes you more conscious of yourself. Busy with her self centered goals, Shruti fails to acknowledge the two most important people in her life - her parents, who love her dearly. her conversations with them are often about what she wants and like most teenagers these days, she talks to them mostly looking at her phone - not at all considerate about their feelings. The two instances that are captured very well in the movie and to a great extent set the tone for the climax are where Shruti arrogantly brushes her father away, when he is concerned about her being friends with a guy he hasn't heard too many good things about... and in another scene where Shruti thinks it's not a big deal to repeatedly forget to buy a sari, she has promised her mother as anniversary gift. Her parents on the other hand try being friendly and also  give her the space and freedom she demands, thus doing the best they can to keep her happy. But by the time Shruti realises the significance and love of her parents and wants to make it up to them, it is too late ...and her world has already crumbled around her before she even knows it. A film by Kabir Thapar and Kevin Kailash Muthiah, Moh pulls all the right emotional chords and moves at a gripping pace indulging you scene by scene with a powerful message of learning to value what you have before it is too late. Adah Sharma as Shruti is bang on from the word go, she suits the role perfectly and her emotional monologue towards the end highlights her talent as an actor. After her pleasing performance in Commando 2, Adah's entry on the web platform is just another feather in her hat. Sheeba Chaddha and Micky Makhija, make adorable parents, although their role in a 15 minutes movie is not lengthy, they make a remarkable impression, which was much needed for the movie to make an impact.

With a very pertinent message and meaty performances by all the actors, Moh becomes a very necessary watch for all youngsters out there chasing their dreams.
Ranking 4/5

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