Episodic Synopsis:
Episode 1 – The Murder
Hotelier Rishabh Mehta is found murdered. An honest cop, Suraj Kadam, begins investigating the case and meets Natasha Kamra, the prime suspect, who is also a porn star by profession. But are things the way they seem to be? Certainly, NOT!

Episode 2 – Love Vs Duty
Natasha gives her statement which opens up many more angles to explore. Suraj seems to be getting more involved in the case thus being unable to give his fiancé & family enough time. But is it just the case or is Suraj getting involved with Natasha too?

Episode 3 – Did she, did she not?
CID Officer Sapna Biswas finds enough evidence to take Natasha into custody causing a major rift between Sapna and Suraj. Will Suraj be able to prove Natasha’s innocence?

Episode 4 – Down the Memory Lane
The love between Suraj and Natasha deepens as she takes him down her memory lane. But is it all true?

Episode 5 – Dangerous Love
Suraj is certain about Dr Surinder Sharma being the murderer and vows to protect Natasha but a cop falling in love with the suspect comes with a price. What cost will Suraj have to pay?

Episode 6 – Crossroads
Suraj’s family puts pressure on him to take leave for his marriage with Simmi and this leaves him at crossroads. Will he choose Natasha over Simmi and his family?

Episode 7 – Broken Trust
Simmi breaks her relationship with Suraj when she finds out about his affair with Natasha. Meanwhile, Sapna finds evidence that could prove Natasha to be guilty of the murder. When Suraj finds the same evidence, he confronts Natasha. Has he been protecting a criminal all along?

Episode 8 – Ace Up the Sleeve
Suraj is thrown out of his house by his parents which leaves him all alone. Meanwhile, Natasha’s lawyer goes to the commissioner with some evidence about the escort murder case and Sapna Biswas has been asked to raid Surinder Sharma’s house. Will the escort girl’s dead body be found there? If yes, what consequences will it have on the Rishabh Mehta murder case?

Episode 9 – The Beginning Of The End
Dr. Surinder Sharma has been convicted in the Rishabh Mehta murder case but it still leaves Suraj troubled with the recurrent dreams. There is one piece of the puzzle which is still missing. Will Suraj find out the truth? The ACTUAL truth?

Episode 10 – Russian Roulette
Suraj confronts Natasha at gunpoint and she doesn’t know why is he doing this. Or does she just claim she does not know? What does Suraj know about Natasha and her truth?


Platform : MX PLAYER

Languange : Hindi

Synopsis : Hotelier Rishabh Mehta is found murdered. An honest cop, Suraj Kadam (played by Aryamann Seth), begins investigating the case and meets Natasha Kamra (Suparna Moitra), the prime suspect, who is also a porn star by profession. Will Suraj be able to find the real killer? Is Natasha really guilty or is she just an easy target? Sometimes, the truth is nothing but just a naked illusion.

Type : Originals

Cast : Aryamann Seth, Suparna Krishna

Directors : Anupam Santosh Saroj & Tithi Raj

Producer/s : Vikram Bhatt

Total number of seasons : 1

Season No.: 1

Total number of episodes : 10

No. of episodes this season : 10

Episode Duration (minutes) : 25

Digital Premiere Date : March 25, 2020

Movie Classification : 18+


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