The Coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented shutdown in the entertainment world. All film, TV and digital production have ground to a halt. But Netflix is not worried, at least not at present. In an appearance on CNN's Reliable Resources, Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, said that Netflix has nothing to worry about in terms of content, for the next few months. They have a large enough bank of content ready, with all episodes of its upcoming shows canned and ready to stream in its kitty. 

Promising that there will be no disruption in programming at Netflix for the next few months, Sarandos said, “What’s happening now is we work pretty far ahead with delivering all the episodes of our shows at once so no disruption over the next few months, maybe later in the year as physical production is not operational,” he said on CNN show, 'Reliable Sources'. 

There may be some disruption later in the year if things don't get back to normal soon, but that is something no one can predict. Netflix has also established virtual reading tables and writers' rooms for some of its shows that are still in the pre-production stages, to save on precious time once shoots resume. 

When asked about viewing numbers, Sarandos was happy about the fact that more people are watching Netflix, owing to the fact that they are cooped up at home amidst Coronavirus lockdowns. Of course, he added, that increased viewership must be a case with all content deliverers, including CNN.

About the shutdown, he had this to say, “It’s been a massive disruption. Every one of our productions around the world is shut down. It’s unprecedented in history."

The shutdown in the entertainment industry has led to thousands of crew members and casual workers being rendered unemployed, with no alternate source of income. In such a scenario, Netflix has proved that it is as large in the heart as it is in its status of the undisputed leader in streaming services. 

Last week, it established a 100 million dollar fund to provide financial aid to its thousands of crew members across the world. This fund will provide them aid over and above the two-week mandatory pay, it is offering its cast and crew amidst the shutdown.