Oddbhuturey review - Truly odd ‘bhuture’

Oddbhuturey review - Truly odd ‘bhuture’
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The ghosts in HoiChoi’s latest series Oddbhuturey are truly odd in their ghastly activities. They some times appear as an Uber chauffeur, and when they have to enter your room, they knock. (Parents! Learn something from the ghosts). If all ghosts of Oddbhuturey were as patient as the ghosts in HoiChoi, the world would be a better place in the living side and the other side. Maybe the makers of Annabelle, Paranormal Activities, and Stephen King needs to take a good look at the ghosts of Oddbhuturey. They are aware of the concept, despite being spirits with supernatural abilities. They just don’t walk in with their creepy faces, they wait… they wait till you are done with your bath, had a proper conversation with your wife, boss and son. They wait till you are calm enough to accept that you have booked an Uber driven by ghosts. Ghosts of Oddbhuturey arrive after due consent. Ghosts in Oddbhuturey sometimes also come in human form, and remain that way. They are also aware of technology and have a strong sense of how to use them, to confirm a cab ride. A part of me wants to thank director Mrityunjoy Saha, for coming up with innovative ideas about ghosts. They do not pass through the walls. They knock, they eavesdrop and later guide you when you are going in the wrong direction. Another part of me just wants to tell Mrityunjoy Saha to change the dark tone of the web-series, since the characters (I mean...ghosts) are involved in activities which will otherwise put you in splits. Remember how we all laughed at the ‘Martha moment’ in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, a DC Comic, which is known for its dark and dense undertones? Similarly, Oddbhuturey adapts a dark tone but it takes a toll on the writers, makers and they don't keep up with it.

Rating: 2/5

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