Paoli Dam on Kaali: Drained and exhausted but Satisfied

Paoli Dam on Kaali: Drained and exhausted but Satisfied

When Paoli Dam was approached for Zee5’s Kaali hardly did she know that it would be a success that would crave the audience to wait impatiently for a second season.

“I have been watching various web-series for the last four or five years, I always thought that there are so many different kinds of series and if I wanted to do something it must be intriguing. So, when I heard the content and the concept of Kaali, I thought it was lovely work. Since it was a different platform, I wanted to experiment as an actor. I met Parambrata Chatterjee (who is also a producer) when we were shooting for a film and he told me that the story is a 24 hours story. I felt this is something I would love to watch in the web portal. While we were shooting for Kaali, the procedure was difficult because it was a night shoot,” she shared while talking about her debut web-series which released last year.

“Kaali is about what a woman does to save her family and how she gets involved in the underworld. We shot in real locations. While I was shooting for it, there were all young people, the spirit was so good. What I enjoyed the most was while filming for Kaali, it felt that we were doing something nice and real. Every day I came back home after the shoot I was drained, exhausted but I was creatively satisfied. That ‘acha’ feeling you get when you do some good work. The product was done and it was marketed well. When it was almost about to be finished, I never knew that there will be a second season.”

The makers of Kaali chose to abandon the studio system of shooting within the four walls of a set-up stage and chose to take their cameras out into the location and savour life as it is. While commenting on her experience, Paoli said,” I think real location has a certain vibe, energy and the local set up gives you a boost to your character. That definitely happens when you are in a raw, rustic location. The overall feel somewhere helps you develop your character. That has definitely helped.”

Kaali may have been Paoli Dam’s first web-series but she had also worked for the Netflix film Bulbul, which was produced by Anushka Sharma’s Cleanslate.

Paoli Dam has had her exposure in SVF’s digital platform Hoichoi, Zee5 and even Netflix. While commenting on the viewership of the various platforms the actress said, “Every portal has its own set of audience. You cannot compare the content on Netflix, Amazon with Hoichoi or Zee5 because they have a different kind of audience demand. What’s important to notice is that all of them are doing brilliantly. 

They are experimenting a lot which is great. While shooting for a film one would think ten times or more on whether or not there should be an experiment before planning a release at the theatres, but in the web platform, there’s a lot of scope for experiment and that gives scope to new actors, directors. Good ideas are coming in. This is a very good time for us.”  

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