Queen Sono Review- Thrilling and exciting

Queen Sono Review- Thrilling and exciting
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Created by Kagiso Lediga, Queen Sono is Netflix’s first original series from Africa (South Africa, to be exact, but shooting locations were all over the continent. Instead of some intense drama, there are lots of chases, some hints of humour and intrigue that you can expect from Queen Sono.

Queen Sono (Pearl Thusi) is a spy for a South African organization called the Special Operations Group; their mission is to improve the lives of citizens in countries all over the continent. She’s trying to track down information on arms deals to various militant groups, and when she and her technician partner Freddy (Loyiso Madinga) can’t get the files they need via phones and laptops, Queen applies old school methods by creating a diversion to grab a thumb drive then using a combination of street smarts and vicious fighting skills to escape. 

We’ve been desperate for more leading ladies. We’ve longed to see badass powerful women in their own narratives slaying more than the roles (and rules) defined by men who played before them. It’s taken some time but we’re edging closer as we introduce you to Queen Sono, the renegade super spy and modern black heroine we deserve. Beyond the traditional constructs of spy thrillers, Queen Sono is deliciously drenched in a sense of place. It's as much a celebration of modern Africa (the Africa that we don't see nearly enough of in Western media) as it is an unflinching mirror to less pleasing realities of racism and colonialism that linger in plain sight.

Though it takes a few episodes to warm into and find pace with the multiple storylines, Queen Sono is more than just an appealing spy thriller. It's a fierce, conscious celebration of black Africa and the women at its heart.

Rating- 4.5/5

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