Rahasya Romancha review - How perverted cinematography ruins everything

Rahasya Romancha review - How perverted cinematography ruins everything
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If you are familiar with adult films, you would know that the short video clips are not treated like a piece of artwork. A camera person, two (or more) actors come together, to display the pleasure of sex which we seem to fantasize in our leisure time. In such clips, we ignore skills such as acting, cinematography, because when we type Redtube or xxx on the browser, we aren’t hoping to enjoy art, are we? Now imagine a bunch of people with the same type of skill sets, working on a web series for a popular platform such as HoiChoi and they are told to tell a story that does not involve graphical zoom-ins of genitals? Halfway through, the construction of the film gets bizarre because the camera just fails to focus on the subject, it fails to treat the film as a piece of art, and just track in details, which play no role in the later future. Apart from Rudraneil Ghosh, no one particularly dominates their characters. Hence it feels like watching porn only without the nudity. Why porn? Because only in a porn film we meet random strangers who are willing to have sex with an unknown person, a steamy hot woman who seductively asks you for a lift, and a horny driver who is ready to drop you home (which is miles away) hoping to get lucky. It has a good story in mind, but due to lack of reality, excessive dosage of under-performance, and pathetic cinematography, it becomes a five-episode-long complete waste of time. Despite the lack of concentration in the screenplay, cinematography, makeup, plot, structure and construction, we are willing to be kind and offer this film one star; It would be rude to not acknowledge ‘Rahasya Romancha’s wonderful ability to cure insomnia. Halfway through, the five episodes work better than a lullaby in putting you off to sleep. Rating: 1/5

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