Run Review: Run away from this Cringy-Festivalesque Rampage

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Run Review: Run away from this Cringy-Festivalesque Rampage
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One murder. Six suspects. Endless thrill.

Platform: Aha
Movie Rated: 18+
Genres: Crime
Language: Telugu
Digital Premiere Date: 29 May 2020

Run, the 2002 Tamil movie starring Madhavan and Meera Jasmine directed by Lingusamy was a huge blockbuster in the history. Today even when everyone was tweeting after seeing the film on Sun TV in 9.30 AM slot,  I felt festive. With all the positivity and happiness I started witnessing this Direct OTT release classic called Run starring Navdeep and Pujita. The film neither had expectations nor had many remarks from the Netizens.

What is the Story about?
Pujita(Shruti) falls in love with Navdeep (Sandeep) in the very first scene of the film and they decided to marry. Within the first 10 minutes of the film, love, lust, masala, song and every 846 things you need in a South Indian thriller film gets over and if you are a regular cinephile, you will feel happy as you know the saga is gonna reveal from now. But, the filmmaker of the flick here has got different choices for the audience where you and any family member near you will get distressed watching the rest of the story. (Your family member doesn't need to watch the classic, whereas you will trouble them after watching this EPIC Thriller.) Honestly, the first 70 minutes story of the film is the same as of a TV Serial for which a whole village down south will be waiting for at 7 PM in the nighttime. Of course, the last 10 minutes of the story is the worst ever tribute made to David Fincher's Fight Club.

Any 90s Kid wouldn't forget Navdeep's performance in Arinthum Ariyaamalum. It was shocking and distressing to see him perform so bad in this barren story. Few other debut performers fail to make an impression as the tale does not give them the essential expanse to perform. Navdeep is the one who progresses throughout the film and without a dilemma, he will be grieving to have acted in this kind of a story. Few performances and dialogues give you nothing but CRINGE. (Yes, Undoubtedly you are WASTED)

The film is not just a patience test and it is much more than that. The film has got all the potential to contend with a Tamil Classic called Muthuramalingam. The film does not even meet its basic criteria of filmmaking. I strongly feel even short films which are executed in a budget of a few thousand are made with better quality and a more solid storyline. This movie is nothing less than a masterwork in bad filmmaking.

Music & Other Departments
Since the story and screenplay do not support for any hope or positivity in the film, all the technical departments have executed the film in a miserable way. Forgetting all other departments, it is the music department which gives you the supreme provocation. The music does not sync to the mood of the film in any zone. ( Guess the composer should have either been a DJ in a club or a composer for TV Serials)

The only highlight of the film I'd say is the film runs for 1 Hour and 20 Minutes.

Except using the Name of a Tamil Blockbuster, the film holds drawbacks in all the aspects. The producers of the film have given a decent budget as it is evident all over, whereas it is the rest of the departments who have just plundered it with bad quality and poor story. 

Do I recommend?
Yeah, Sure. Even after you read al the above sections and you come down here to read this recommendation. Please give it a shot and let us know your valuable feedback in the comments


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