Jayalalithaa, an iconic actress and politician from Tamil Nadu, was gruesomely caught in the web of destiny. While the late politician and actress was inclined to academics in her girlhood years, she was forced succumb to the whims of glamour and take to acting to support her family. Jayalalithaa’s real-life instances have been replicated by the character Shakti Sheshadri in the prominent web series Queen, currently streaming in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali on MX Player. In a tête-à-tête with the lead protagonist of the web series; Ramya Krishnan, one gets a peek into what went into the making of ‘Queen’, and how Ramya has evolved as an actress with the web-series. Ramya Krishnan stepped into the field of acting at the age of fourteen.

On enquiring about the fast-emerging OTT platforms, we receive a rather positive take on the upcoming medium. While most prominent actors in the South have demonstrated their devoutness for the cinematic space; there are only a few actresses like Ramya Krishnan who impart a fresh take on a diverse media. “The fast emerging web space is the future of the media on a global scale. As an actress, I take pride in being part of an esteemed platform such as this. The silver screen wouldn’t have done justice at exploring the nuanced relationships that Shakti shares with her mother, or with GMR for that matter.

The long format in the case of Queen has delved deeply into the very crux of every character, sussing out every element of the performance in an organic manner. The long format promises to become a hotbed for creatively inclined performers, as well as for those cherishing the performance itself,” she starts. It is interesting to learn how this progressive actress doesn’t mind coming out of her comfort zone and trying her hands at something new! She is one of the fewer actresses who’d taken to the television while she’d well made her mark in the cinematic space. “I have always been an ardent admirer of the late Jayalalithaa. However, I haven’t had the opportunity to meet or interact with her. I certainly wished I did.”, quips Ramya.

The story of Shakti Sheshadri in Queen is adapted from a book written by Anitha Shivkumar. However, Ramya admittedly states that she was hooked right from the very moment the script was read out to her by Reshma Ghatala. According to Ramya Krishnan, “I cannot say that I have been playing the part of the Jayaji at all, cause the director, Gautham, had asked me to be myself and execute the part as organically as possible. Moreover, I have been playing the part of Shakti, who is an important character in the book, and if her life instances co-insides with those of Jayaji, it is purely coincidental.” In what promises to be an interesting piece of news for viewers, she adds, "The series has indeed been very well received, and has proved to emerge as an iconic making in the world or Tamil cinema.

I would like to add, that I have signed up for the next season of the same too!” Ramya has been inclined to play several roles since her girlhood years and as time has passed, she has received many roles that have given her the prominence she deserves. “The narration of any plot is very important to me. The way the plot is narrated, even by Rajamouli (for Baahubali), I would witness a graphic description of the ongoing of the plot, while he was narrating the same. Moreover, the sketches would always help me to understand my role better. Similarly, with Reshma, while at the narration, I could feel the strength in the character emanate very strongly, giving me the impetus to deliver my best shot. I would also like to credit Anikha and Anjana to lay the very foundation of the plot, and give the same the required strength to take it forward."

Before calling it a day, the actress shared her mantra about staying relevant in the entertainment industry. “Actors should invest heavily at furthering their talent and passion. The image will only grow with the good work they’ll deliver. A little experimentation with different types of media does not harm! After all, recognition could be procured from the most unconceivable pockets."

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