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In an attempt to make a documentary that carters to the web audience, Director Aditya Sarpotdar is bang on with his idea and casting of #thesholaygirl, but a poor screenplay and some disconnected scenes spoil the fun. Based on Bollywood's first female stuntwoman Reshma Pathan, the script travels from showing her struggles of dealing with poverty as a kid... to facing a taunting society who think working in Bollywood is not izzat wala kaam... to playing body-doubles of various famous actresses in action scenes... to standing up against gender & payment bias in Bollywood itself... right uptill showing the real Reshma Pathan appearing in Rohit Shetty's Golmaal Again movie. The script tries to touch upon too many things in the less than 90 minute reel time and hence most of its angles - be it Reshma's love life, her stand against a #metoo like moment on a set, her fight against payment bias, etc seem very incomplete and under-cooked. However Bidita Bag shines as Reshma Pathan and gets into the skin of the character convincingly. She impresses in every scene be it by her mannerisms, delivering bombay lingos or effortlessly doing emotional scenes and carries the movie singe-handedly till the end. Meanwhile the supporting cast tries really hard, but the script that is wholly written for Bag's character doesn't allow them to do much. Chandan Roy Sanyal as Reshma's mentor has a few lines more than the others and is decent in his act, Vineet Raina's character as Reshma's love interest is mostly one dimensional and Aditya Lakhia as Reshma's father has very little to do and is mostly poor (pun intended). Sarpotdar and writer Sameer Siddiqui do try going over the top in order to portray Reshma as this superwoman, by giving her a fight scene where she beats up few eve teasers, but the fight scene seems kiddish, We are also shown Reshma's family members constantly requesting her to quit her job, but no one is thinking who else will work and support the family if she doesn't? (lol) things like these disconnects you as an audience form the main plot. On a positive note, the movie rightly exhibits the daredevil nature and never say die attitude of the veteran "real superstar" Reshma Pathan, her personal and professional tussles as a stuntwoman and her determination to succeed. The movie honors Reshma's courage, showcasing how she gets injured doing the Taanga scene for Sholay (1975) and is barely able to wiggle her toes but gets back to the set, wounded and in pain and completes the scene to everyone's surprise. Despite glitches the movie makes Reshma's story both inspiring and watchable. Rating 2.5/5 

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