The Son review- A chilling slow burn thriller

The Son review- A chilling slow burn thriller
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Cast: Joquin Furriel, Regina Lamm, Heidi Toini, Martina Gusman Direction: Sebastián Schindel Music: I ván Wyszogrod Premier date: July 26 Story: Worried over the birth of her first child, a doctorate mother becomes excessively obsessed for the well being of their newborn. Being a biologist herself, she experiments with the child, keeps him in unscientific conditions, restrains him from visiting a paediatrician, which forces a painter to take desperate measures. Artistes’ Performances: There’s a passionate artist, a doctorate holding a degree in biologist, a lawyer. The wife biologist wife is insecure all the time, and constantly reminds her husband that she should take the complete responsibility of their child because his past relationships with his children from other marriages haven’t particularly been cordial. Hardly does he have any idea that she is thinking on a completely eccentric scale. She is a biologist in the 21st century, who prefers to have her child at her own house rather than giving birth at the hospital. There itself the director drops a major clue about what is about to come. Technical Merit: Light and shadows find their right place at the right time. They tell us more about the story’s narration than the direction itself. ‘My Son’ begins on a confusing note. The timeline gets slightly confusing because the flashback is only 90 days back and within that period nothing particularly changes a character’s physical appearance. Direction: The narration becomes slightly confusing in the beginning, nevertheless, 45 minutes later we catch up. If this film ever gets a Hindi remake, then maybe Sri Ram Raghavan bring out the best he can from the Hindi film industry. Highlights: Till the last frame, ‘The Son’ remains a determination to not show more than what’s needed to be shown, nevertheless they give the audience all the clue and leaves the answer for the audience in the end. Rating: 3 stars

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