The Stoneman Murders Review: No one knows this mysterious man except...

The Stoneman Murders Review: No one knows this mysterious man except...
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In 1989, the mysterious murder of street dwellers in Kolkata and Mumbai had haunted the entire country. Bodies of beggars, pavement dwellers, were found on the road with their head smashed under a heavy rock. The police assumed the murderer to be a well-built man because it takes an immense amount of effort to pick up a rock weighing up to 30kg only to smash it on another person. Nearly 26 cases were reported, 13 of them in Kolkata and 13 of them in Mumbai. None of the victims could be identified as their faces were badly smashed.  Most of the killings happened in Central Kolkata adjoining the Howrah Bridge. The last murder was reported in 2003. The police had later suspected a gang of people to be involved in the murder, many were arrested under suspicion but were released later. This was mainly the traumatic period Calcutta had faced back in 1989. What are the chances that in a web series which is based on Stoneman, the protagonists, happens to meet the Stoneman as a co-passenger on her train ride to Haridwar? In HoiChoi original series, that’s possible. Swastika Mukherjee, plays a scriptwriter, Sneha who lives in an era when PayTM, app-based cabs have come into existence, but not in an era where her mother has a mobile phone of her own. In real world, scriptwriters work their brains out to find more diversity in their characters, and to pull a story of their own. In HoiChoi, stories just keep coming to the protagonist, because *spoiler alert*, here the Stoneman happens to be Sneha’s father. Since there has been no concrete evidence about the identity of the Stoneman till date, we can forgive director Rafiq Abdul Wahab for bringing in his own creative process to the story. What was unacceptable was his idea of construction. I may not have experience murdering people, but there are basic rules, safety measures one would follow if they find a target. To begin with, a murderer usually covers his face, hands, and wears a glove so that the forensics may not be able to get their finger prints. In Rafiq Abdul Wahab’s web series, Stoneman, played by a beefed up Rajatava Dutta, murders people, without a mask, and the most surprising part remains, the police do not even bother to check for finger prints in the object that was used to murder. The film is filled with flaws, not just in terms of story construction, but even in terms of instructions to the actors. It only pains me to see a talented man like Rajatava Dutta, who could easily play a convincing murderer, look like a *saint*. Literally.

Ratings: 2.5/5

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