Trailer Touchdown: Ponmagal Vandhaal: Jyotika's next looks like a solid, intense courtroom drama

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Jyothika's choices in the recent past haven't gone down too well with the audiences, for the films have either turned out to be too bland or stereotyped. The actress ensures to give in her best to each role, but somehow, her films over the past few months haven't been able to make much of a noise. But this stretch is likely to change over for the better with Ponmagal Vandhaal - the courtroom drama which is going straight to Amazon Prime on the 29th of this month. The trailer for the same has just dropped, and it gives us a fair idea of what the film is about. 
More than just a courtroom drama, Ponmagal Vandhaal seems to be pulling in a murder mystery angle as well, resurrecting a case that has been buried in the bushes for more than 15 years. Jyothika somehow finds herself handling this case, which is more than one which just deserves a win, as it deserves real 'justice' as well. 
The film's biggest plus point is ostensibly the cast, which is packed with big names such as Parthiepan, Prathap Pothen, Bhagyaraj and many others. Govind Vasantha accompanies the proceedings with a tried-and-tested score. 
With the film grabbing all the attention due to the direct OTT release model, it will be one which the entire state will turn their heads to. Ponmagal Vandhaal's trailer has definitely increased our expectations on the film, and we are waiting to see what this Jyothika starrer can deliver. 

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