Wasp Network Review - Relive the 90s Incidents with a good engagement.

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Wasp Network Review - Relive the 90s Incidents with a good engagement.
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Based on a true and gripping story: Cuban spies infiltrate exile groups in the 1990s to stop terrorism against the island, but at a high personal cost.

Format: Film
Platform: Netflix
Movie Rated: 16+
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Language: English, Spanish, Russian
Digital Premiere Date: 19 June 2020

A couple of weeks Netflix premiered a Heist Drama starring Edgar Ramirez in the lead role - The Last Days of American Crime. The film faced complete negative criticism from the audience and the streaming platform's consumers. Majority of the reviews were speaking about Ramirez not fitting in the role of a gangster. Today the Californian Behemoth released a film with the same star two weeks later - Wasp Network. The film is adapted from the book "The Last Soldiers of the Cold War" written by Fernando Moris and also, the paperback is based on the real-life events which happened in USA and Cuba in the '90s. 

The film is Internationally co-produced by Multiple Production companies, and the total film was taped at Cuba in a period of 3 months. It is also to be noted that the film had it's Premiere at the Venice Film Festival last year in September 2019.

What's the story about?
The film begins at the very first frame, Academy Award Winner Penelope Cruz impersonates the role of Olga Gonzalez. Her husband René (Edgar Ramirez), without any notice, leaves his family behind and decamps himself from Cuba to Miami in 1990. He also declares himself a defector to the US Officials and Press. Ramirez joins a philanthropic firm whose aim is to disrupt the tourist trade of Cuba which will topple Cuba's economy and Fidel Castro's rule. Shortly he and his similar comrades who defected realise that Brothers to the Rescue, a humanitarian association that assists expatriates to make the treacherous border crossing, has connections to the narcotic commerce and also to a string of shellings at the Havana resorts. 

Globally Accaloded Narcos star, Wagner Moura plays the role of pilot Juan Pablo Roque where René and Pablo become compatriots as they both share the same cause. Also, Pablo has a separate romantic episode with Ana Margarita Martinez (Ana de Armas). Though Ana falls for Pablo's movie-star appearance, she is sceptical about Pablo's Rolex and $2,000 suits. The movie is set at this point of time and the rest is all about what they do to survive their life as ex-pats. It is filled with too many unexpected twists and turns throughout the narrative. 

Ramirez who faced huge critique for his performance in the Last Days of American Crime, has performed very well. He fits in perfectly for the role of a pilot, father, ex-pat, patriot and so on... Also, the moment Wagner steps in, he just steals the show. The Narcos star will remind you to blink your eyes with his stellar performance. Cruz, who plays the mother of two kids and wife of a Pilot fits in perfect and delivers us the much-needed engagement in the latter half of the film. Few other characters looked as much pragmatic they could. Also, the end-credit scene showed us the real-life character comparing the stars who depicted the role in the film. It just SYNCED.  

This real-life event-based flick is an arduous and painstakingly dated entertainment. The film is meticulously investigated and tries to interlock us. Also, it is glossy, illuminating and constantly exciting. Though it is an adapted film, the screenplay is sculpted in a way for the audience to have a connection constantly with the film. Though the film begins at the very first scene, they take some time to establish the characters and also their characteristics. Undoubtedly this story has also the capabilities for becoming a Blockbuster TV Show. (Hola, Netflix, do you copy that?)

Music and Other Departments
The film's score just elevates the scenes to a different level as you get pumped up with few sequences. The music of the drama gives us a feeling that this film should have released in a movie hall. On the Technical front, Lenswork is just amazing, that they have captured both the beauty and lewd location of Cuba, aesthetically. The tone of the film just gives us the feel of revisiting the authentic '90s. Scissor holder of the film has just made it crisp that the film runs for less than 130 minutes. Credits to the Art Director who just recreated the old little Havana country.

Many engaging scenes, we believe it is obdurate to deliver a spoiler-free review. The scenes of Wagner Moura are just WOW that anyone who watches it would be put in shock. You get a feeling to shoutout loud, "Dude he is performing". Wasp Network is a film with a terrific storyline and goose-bumps stitched screenplay delivered by mindblowing performances, adrenaline-pumping score and splendid visuals.

In these lockdown days, after revisiting films like the Italian Job, any film less than 120 minutes, makes the audience excited that they are gonna watch an entertaining film. And a film like Wasp Network need not establish the characteristics of the personas. Due to that factor, the film looks non-engaging in the initial half. Ignore that, have a very minute level of patience, you are definitely into an engaging feast.

Do I recommend?
Yes, Do watch it without fail at least to know what happened during the 90s between the USA and Cuba. The film has pieces of iconic press-conferences of Fidel Castro and Bill Clinton. Watch it


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