Yaadhumagi Nindraai Review: Thamarai will never Bloom!!!

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Yaadhumagi Nindraai Review: Thamarai will never Bloom!!!
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The film follows the story of a young school going girl, forced to take up dancing to make the ends meet for her family. Her dreams and aspirations are simple, but the realities of life is a lot more harsh than what one can imagine. This is a story that travels over 2 decades of the life of one such dancer Thamarai and the various people she meets and travels with.

Format: Feature Film (Direct To OTT)
Platform: Zee5
Movie Rated: U
Genre: Drama
Language: Tamil
Digital Premiere Date: 19 June 2020

Making use of the lockdown, Netflix and Prime Video compete to acquire star films for releasing them directly online. Zee5, which is bucketed among the tier-2 platforms, compete with themselves in acquiring movies which couldn't be released on theatres. Last month It was Nawazuddin's Ghoomkeetu which struggled for a theatre release since 2013. Today, it is Gayathri Raghuram's Yaadhumagi Nindraai.

The movie was started taping seven years back in 2013 where most of the filming has happened in Chennai and Dubai. Since the film is directed and acted by an important person from the Kollywood Industry, had many stars coming together for the audio launch.

What's the story about?
Thankfully the film runs for less than 100 Minutes. Gayathri Raghuram who plays the lead role Thamarai is a daughter of troop dancer. She gets into the cinema as a troop dancer immediately after school, so that she could battle her family's poverty. A co-dancer Prasad (Vasanth) falls in love with her whereas Thamarai falls gaga for the Dance Master. (Not sure why she falls?? Even a Kid would know the Dance Master is trying to use her.) After she comes to know, that the Dance Master cheated him, she ignores him and eventually due to the fuss of the Dance Master, Thamarai is ignored by the Dance Association. But, she battles it out by working only with Female Dance Masters. Even there, a producer of the film tries to misbehave and the dancer Thamarai is considered an ignorant soul. (Again Why Da? Let them Consider ignorant, you have got a mouth and you could have told she misbehaved). So since she is completely red-carded, she flees to Dubai with her friend to dance and earn from Dancer Bars in Dubai. Meanwhile, In India, Prasad starts helping Thamarai's mother. So Immediately due to the bits of help, he made Thamarai starts loving( I believe this is some serious love story mate). Due to mother's illness, she comes back halfway from the job and also marries prasad out of her mother's pressure. From there, the story takes another turn as Prasad finds out Thamarai acting in Soft-Porn. So, whether Thamarai Succeeds in life, or does she fail miserably in life? (If you're reading without watching the film, for sure you'd have guessed it. Yes, she turned out to be the Agni Sirage of the Decade)

The film's basic plot and screenplay make the process of watching into a tiring one. Also, there is no much scope for the artists of the film to perform with a paltry screenplay. The characters who came in as Prasad and Thamarai friends did do some funny gimmicks and try to impress us. (Unfortunately, they delivered us a Cringe Fest)

Being a woman empowerment film, the film lacks the basic ticker - Respect for Woman in the film. The lead character in the film loves a guy just because he could make her the Assistant choreographer. She ignores another guy for the same reason and she loves the ignored guy later on since he helped his mom. These logic loopholes make the film a completely illogical feast with too many boring scenes.  The film also had many loose ends to fasten.

Music and Other Departments
Though the film does not appeal much, it also looks like with the limited production value, the technical team has delivered what they were instructed to.

No, Except for the Vikram Vedha Ad which runs once in a while during the watch time nothing can be said as a Highlight.

Though the film is 8 years old, the screenwriter can not escape so easily saying, the film is made so long before 2013. And that's the reason for the film being slow. (Actually, this film should belong to the 18th Century). Too many boring scenes, lags and lack of proper love makes this film experience a bad one.

Do I recommend?
With the Pandemic situation and everyone at home, if you are trying to watch this, please do social distancing with the Television or OTT. So if you don't believe me and if you wanna take a try, here you go, "Do your job, God will take care of the rest.


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